Slider og product forside2We recently introduced a whole new class of lasers: directly doubled diode lasers. By frequency doubling a tapered diode laser using a non-linear crystal, we combine the stability of semiconductor-lasers with levels of output power usually associated with optical pumping, in a compact and simple system.


teamWe are a team of world-renowned photonics scientists and experienced industry experts. Bridging the two sides is CEO and co-founder Peter M. W. Skovgaard, who holds both technical insights and high-tech project management experience. Together we constitute one of the most dynamic and effective high-tech product development and marketing teams in the world.


newsAn adventurous journey to San Fransisco is over for the Norlase team. The most important aspect of was the constructive talks with a range of interesting industry players. While the conference gave us plenty of joyful memories to look back upon, the interest shown in our products has made us even more keen to look forward!


technologyNorlase lasers are built on a groundbreaking technological platform that delivers unmatched performance in a range of applications.

The key to efficiently mapping genomes is speed. Blue (488 nm) laser light can be used to deliver ultra-fast DNA sequencing.
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